Elementals: The Magic Key™
The game’s developers let us sneak behind the scenes
October 16, 2009 by Dasha Kobzeva

Last week was an important milestone for Playrix - our first published title, Elementals: The Magic Key, came into being. The game was crafted by Lucky Soft™, a great team of developers who share Playrix’s creative vision, and put the same priority as we do on quality and fun. CEO of Lucky Soft, Artem Agafanov, talked me through the game’s development process and shared what it felt like to create one’s first casual game.


Elementals: The Magic Key is a game full of mystical adventures, where enchantment and mystery rub shoulders with reality. How did you come up with a game so rich in fantasy?

the main character

Elementals: The Magic Key is our first casual project. Prior to this, we’d been elaborating on a large client MMORPG packed with 3D graphics. That’s where we drew our experience from. Everyone on our team loves fantasy-themed content, so the choice of this particular style was really a no-brainer. As for the genre, lots of work has been poured into market research, in order to discover what kind of games cater to an audience with ever-changing demands. Hidden object games are very popular, but most of them lack a well thought-out and intricate story. We decided to create a game that would combine three top genres – Hidden Object, Adventure and Puzzles. It needed to feature a unique world of its own, and have an engaging and immersive storyline. That’s what Elementals: The Magic Key is all about.

From the very first minutes of the game, the player is immersed in a mystical world. It feels like you’re wrapped up in magic. It goes without saying, that graphics and visual effects have a lot to do with it. But the story, as you said, also plays a major part, all the way through. Please describe it in a nutshell.

Key of Eiron

The mighty ancient mages created the world of Eiron and populated it with elementals. The Key of Eiron is a unique artifact that binds and balances all the elements of the world. At the start of the game it falls into the hands of a wicked wizard, and that’s where the adventures begin. You need to help Albert, a young magician, search for and restore the Great Key, and find his kidnapped sister.

As always happens, the storyline was revised and modified a number of times. Initially, we wanted Albert to collect seven pieces of his sister’s heart, but we realized that might be a little gloomy, and not as much fun as we hoped! We changed the final section as well, to make it more startling for the players.

World of Eiron Magic Tower

Besides an intriguing plot, what else do you think makes Elementals: the Magic Key stand out?

Elementals: The Magic Key contains unique mini-games, without parallel in the casual games industry, both in terms of mechanics and graphics. I’m talking about magic board battles between elementals. Initially, these magic battles made up almost two thirds of the game. But we didn’t want to get carried away by something that could turn out to be too aggressive or difficult for casual gamers. So now the battles are simple and addictive, a lot of fun for novices. However, if you feel like trying your hand at a more difficult option of the mini-game, we’ve included a special section containing board battles with three different modes of difficulty. This section also contains puzzles and hidden object hunts.

Nature Elemental Fire Elemental Earth Elemental

Any last words to the players?

We hope the appeal of the game will transcend age and gender differences, and it will enjoy a great reception. I would also like to thank the whole Playrix team for their support and advice.

Artem, thank you for providing such detailed answers to my questions. It was great working with your team all the way through the production process as well. Good luck to you in all your new initiatives.

Watch the game's video

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