Fishdom Addiction: No Cure Created
Confessions of Fishdom-holics
October 26, 2009 by Dasha Kobzeva

We’ve been receiving a lot of e-mails from Fishdom fans ever since the original game came out in June 2008. Well, this is the time to share what they think, with two great sequels to the flagship title, Fishdom: Spooky Splash™ and Fishdom: Harvest Splash™, up on our website. Maybe you’ll find your comments below…

We just LOVE the fact that you can build such a nice living space for the fish in such creative ways, and my favorite feature is the hearts that the fish "speak" with :) We also like that the game is challenging, but not "too hard." So far, I'm on level 453, and my mom on 305, and it hasn't become "impossible." And it's still very much fun to play!
I am an artist Mom who loves to clear her head with various types of games, mostly cards and hidden object. I decided to download Fishdom and I have been addicted ever since. Did I say addicted? I've been playing it for over two months now, all my other games have been put aside, my husband wants to throw my computer out the window, my kids are eating fast food and my dog has been begging to go for a walk ever since. Your game is fun, challenging, wonderfully creative and yes, hopelessly addictive! Anyway, I personally thank you. The rest of my family hates you. guys should put a warning on this game: 
"WARNING...This game is highly addictive!" 
I have $99.999.050.
My highest score is 110.586, level 2758.
If I go over 99.999.999, will the score go above 100 million??????
It is our favorite game, even after 3230 levels for me and about 3140 for my husband.
It's my favorite all-time game and I have quite a few as I play games quite a bit. Playing games helps keep my brain stimulated and functioning and this one in particular is great for that. I can play from level to level without it getting impossible to play, as most games do. It's the most marvelous game and I'm deeply grateful you created it. From my perspective, there is no other game out there that can compare with Fishdom.
Thank you so much for the wonderful Fishdom series! This 62-year-old grandma loves to play them!
We have hooked my daughter, son-in-law and several friends on gaming.
I probably play the game 6 or 7 hours a day, can't put it away.

Thank you SO much for the wonderful words and compliments! We greatly appreciate your feedback! And look out for more fun games in the Fishdom series!

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