Royal Envoy — the casual game of the year?
Learn what the fans of the game have to say and why it may hold the spot of the best game of the year.
April 21, 2010 by Dasha Kobzeva

It's been just a couple of weeks since the game was released, but we've got tons of great reviews and awesome feedback from you, guys. Thank you so much! Your words of appreciation are very special to us. Read on and perhaps you'll find that it were you we got quoted.

It is just what I've been looking for - a challenge. Waiting patiently for next in the series. Great job Playrix. Keep them coming.
I love the graphics, the dialog, the characters, the challenge, and music, all of it! And I especially love the fact that I can get lost in the game play and I'm all for anything that takes my mind to a fun place.
This is a top notch time management game with all the cuteness of a Disney movie!! To say that this games production values - sound, graphics and replay value - are among the best, if not THE best in casual gaming would be a gross understatement. This game has a TON of replay value and I look forward to reaching for that gold medal each and every level.This release holds the current spot for casual game of the year in my opinion.
My first reaction to this game is WOW! It is one of the best (if not best) TM plus strategy games I've played so far. Great graphics. While this is a TM game, you also have to plan your strategy before you start to play. Not like other TM games, the clock does not start ticking until you make your first move. I was hooked on the game as soon as I started playing.
l wonder if god will play this game.
All I gotta say is "Wow! Spectacularly done game!" Huge Thanks to Playrix for development and marketing such a fabulous game!! I've been semi-mesmerized last few days while playing this game - all 63 levels. There isn't one facet of this game, in my humble opinion, that should be changed to enhance this game - great graphics, challenging without being overwhelming, maintains the player's interest and it's not over in 45 minutes. Again, my heart Congratulations! to Playrix and Thanks! for a fun, innovative game!!
I don't normally like TM games, but I have played a couple that I liked so I was at least looking at this one. And then I saw the screen shot that said it was created by Playrix. That did it. They have some awesome games.
I have to say, this game is terrific!!!! I cannot believe the attention to detail - I have not found anything that did not work as advertised. The built in strategy guide is great. Everything is wonderful! Artwork, colors, graphics, clarity, directions, goals, characters, game playing mechanisms, everything! I have not finished the first set of levels yet - cannot imagine what the "expert" play will be like, nor the extra levels!
What an awesome game! Surely the best building game I have ever played. I was always bored after a while with building games, but Royal Envoy is in another league, another cosmos lol! The graphic is really, really good. I love to watch the cute people and see what they are doing. I have almost forgot to look at the clock to win the gold. Royal Envoy had stolen my heart.
Only play this game if you want to stay awake 24hrs a day glued to your computer, not eating, sleeping, living... it's brilliant & highly addictive. Bring on Royal Envoy 2 very, very quickly.

Thank you very much again. And yes, we are hard at work on the sequel to the game. Get ready for another unforgettable adventure!

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