Call of Atlantis for iPhone is out!
Get all behind-the-scenes info on how this hit game by Playrix was brought to iPhone & iPod touch.
May 20, 2010 by Maria Ievskaya

Mikhail Bystretsky, Localizations and Porting Manager at Playrix shares thoughts on creating first internally developed iPhone application based on an established casual downloadable hit. The recent iParenting Media Award Winner, Call of Atlantis™ welcomes iPhone and iPod users to give Call of Atlantis a try.

Why was Call of Atlantis™ chosen by Playrix to be the first project of this sort?

Mainly because of its long-term success and appeal to various audiences, and its great potential as an iPhone application. Call of Atlantis™ is a very strong title. Since its launch it was distinguished by prestigious awards and won impressive critical acclaim. In 2008 RealGames nominated it for the Great Game Award as Top Match-3 Game. Recently the game was announced winner of iParenting Media Award as Best Video Game 2010. Most importantly, it is widely popular among players all over the world.

Are there other Playrix games out there for iPhone and iPod touch users?

Call of Atlantis for iPhone Actually, two more Playrix games, 4 Elements™ and The Rise of Atlantis™, were adapted for these devices a while ago, but this was done by our partners. We were happy to see our hit titles on these popular and viable platforms, but understood that it's the right time we try creating an iPhone app out of own game by ourselves to acquire this valuable developer experience. That's why we decided that from now on we'll adapt our titles for iPhone internally at Playrix.

How would you describe the whole porting experience for Call of Atlantis™?

It was, of course, very different and new for us, but very rewarding. We had to figure out everything on our own. We quickly realized that creating a "clone" of the original game for PC/Mac is not the right strategy. iPhone is a different device so you have to adapt accordingly. Call of Atlantis™ for iPhone is fully optimized for the touch screen with both landscape and portrait display, it features Facebook Connect and other iPhone-specific characteristics.

Were there changes made in the original game play?

The core mechanics is the same, it's a match-3 puzzler with an adventurous twist. We tossed away the i-spy levels, but instead added fun mini-games with the touch screen in mind. The actual quest is a little different now as well.

Call of Atlantis for iPhone Call of Atlantis for iPhone
Call of Atlantis for iPhone

Call of Atlantis™ was a pilot project in this direction. Will there be more internally developed iPhone games by Playrix?

Definitely. Right now we are actively working on creating iPhone adaptations for two more Playrix bestsellers: Around the World in 80 Days and Fishdom™.

Where will Call of Atlantis™ for iPhone be available and for what price?

It is live on the App Store now, so that' the place to find the game and try it out. It's offered in two versions, Lite and Full. Lite is free but limited, and the full version will be offered at a discounted price which is currently set to $0.99. This is our way to welcome iPhone and iPod users to the game and introduce them to what Playrix has to offer. So anyone out there thinking about enjoying all the full version features should hurry up and look for Call of Atlantis™ on the App Store now! :)

Thanks Mikhail. Looking forward to more great games from you!

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Call of Atlantis for iPhone is out!

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