Concept Art: 4 Elements II
Playrix unveils exclusive concept art and invites you behind the scenes of 4 Elements II production process
July 08, 2010 by Maria Ievskaya

4 Elements II is going to be released in the late fall of 2010. A lot of our fans have been wondering how things are going with the sequel to one of our most beloved titles, 4 Elements. Well, the game is still in the works, and we decided it's time to let you all backstage on it.

The focus of the sequel's story is on saving the four fairies of the elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) trapped in the Book of Magic and deprived of their power by a careless charm. In general, compared to the flagship title, the sequel has been enriched with more characters: instead of one fairy like in the original, there are now four, all personified and animated. They lead players through the game and move the story forward. Each one has a unique personality which is reflected on what tasks she'd help the player with, and which communication style she would use when addressing the player.

With a brief technical assignment on hand, Playrix artists got busy.

Early sketches

Fairy of the Fire

Wings: bright and pretty, prototype - machaon.

Clothes: bright, with oriental motives, silky.

Personality: proud, brave, daring, internal struggle, likes martial arts.

Colors: flamboyant.

Fairy of the Air

Wings: simple, laconic, prototype - garden white butterfly.

Hair color: blond.

Personality: kind, quiet.

Fairy of the Earth

Wings: mono-color, prototype - moth.

Clothes: ethno style, accessories.

Personality: self-confident, reasonable, funny.

Fairy of the Water

Body type: skinny, sloucher, bad proportions, tall.

Wings: prototype - dragonfly.

Personality: absent-minded, always forgets stuff, likes reading.

Another key character in the story is the Wizard: the one whose careless charm had led to the whole trouble with the magical kingdom and confinement of the fairies.

The Wizard in the original 4 Elements

On the way to his final look in the game, the Wizard has gone through a lot of transformations. Our artists tried out tons of options, but did come up with the one everyone liked best.

First Wizard sketches
Final look

How do you like the expression on the Wizard's face on the very last picture? Now, are you surprised his careless charm would break the balance of the perfect magical world? But we assure you - he totally didn't mean it! ;)

That's it for now. Keep your eyes peeled for more 4 Elements II concept art - it will come soon!

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Concept Art: 4 Elements II
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