Take a Tour: Farmscapes
Take a tour of Farmscapes, Playrix's new game in the works
September 01, 2010 by Maria Ievskaya

Farmscapes will see the light of day this coming Fall. We tried to blend match-3, time management and sim in this new game, and hope you'll like the end result. In the meanwhile, we invite you to take a tour of the game in the works and get a sense of what you'll see when it's released. As always, we'll reveal some exclusive concept art for you to check out.

In Farmscapes (previously known as Rustic Manor) the player's mission is to help old farmer Joe restore his ranch. To do this, you should earn money on match-3 levels by selling fresh veggies, juicy fruits, eggs, flowers and honey from his old farm to the townspeople. Then you spend it on restoring the landholding back to its beauty. Oh and believe us, it looked stunning in its days of glory. :) If you'd like to take on this journey, you'll have all you need to breathe in new life into a formerly prosperous farm and soon see clucking chickens there, mooing cows and buzzing beehives.

First sketches

Akin to Gardenscapes, Farmscapes offers an environment that's fully interactive and customizable. Tom and his grandpa Joe exchange quite a bit of witty dialogues so this should keep you entertained beyond the obvious fun of completing match-3 levels. In case you wanted to know what kind of tiles you'll be matching, check this out:

To entertain you even further, we introduced some bonus hidden object levels, although they are more of a distraction from the main gameplay.

Farmscapes Chickens

Two main characters, little Tom and his grandpa Joe, are rather proverbial types. Tom helps Joe restore the old farm to its grandeur. We've shared this secret before, but for those who didn't know Tom has a real-life prototype: Playrix's own Igor Elovikov, the VP of Production. Igor created Tom based on his childhood memories, where in desperate (and useless, we may tell) attempts his parents sent him off during summer breaks to his grandparents' old house in the country. It didn't help, as you could have guessed :) Different story with Tom: he ends up spending the best time of his life on the old farm.

Tom and his grandpa Joe
Artist sketches

The game will be full in bright, juicy summer colors. It is designed to help you smile and relax, and perhaps think of your own childhood dreams and fun memories.

Farmscapes trophies for various achievements

Hope you enjoyed our little tour and will come back here for more! :)

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