Artist's Corner: Evgeny Shiperov
Playrix introduces Artist's Corner Series: Meet Evgeny Shiperov
November 18, 2010 by Maria Ievskaya

Hi Playrix Blog readers! I'm very pleased to present the first entry in the new Artist's Corner series. We've been receiving quite a bit of requests from Playrix games lovers all over the world saying they would like to learn more about the actual people who create the unique and beautiful game art at Playrix day by day. My first hero, normally not used to be in the spotlight, is Evgeny Shiperov, Playrix 2D artist.

Evgeny has been with Playrix for about two years now and worked on the studio’s most significant projects: Call of Atlantis™, Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey™, Gardenscapes™, and Royal Envoy™. Right now he's busy working on games in development: 4 Elements™ II and Farmscapes™ (formerly known as Rustic Manor). Oh, he does all our videos and game trailers too! I challenged this great talent to a blitz interview and asked to kindly share some of his own non-game art works.

Evgeny Shiperov, Playrix 2D artist

Since when have you been drawing?

Since time immemorial. Just kidding - I can actually remember pretty well when I started my artistic experiments: at the age of 3.

Do you have a hobby?

I do have two hobbies I'm really passionate about, both of them related to what I do professionally: classical animation and creating short arthouse movies. I love experimenting with this.

What have you been doing before joining the Playrix team?

Before Playrix I could fall into the classical definition of a "free artist". I've been doing what I liked, and tried to make some money along the way, too. I did tattooing, book illustration, advertising, and even... Russian Orthodox icons restoration. One of my last projects was designing museum exhibitions.

Do you have a formal Art degree? What about digital art?

I do, I'm an Art Major. I've been learning graphical editors and stuff I currently use in my work by myself though, by trial and error. And it looks like in this profession you can permanently stay a student in a state of learning something new. I love how digital art develops and I love to be part of it.

Do you have a favorite Playrix game or/and character?

My favorite character is Austin the Butler from Gardenscapes - he turned out so lively and witty! My favorite Playrix game is Royal Envoy, may be due to the fact that I haven't yet finished it.

What kind of work do you like to do while on a project?

I really like working on small details which altogether make up the whole new fantastic world of a game. You can't see them at the first glance, but it's those little subtle things that create an atmosphere and make the game a personal emotional experience. I'm happy that this has always been Playrix’s key approach to game art, which is one of the reasons why I love being a part of it.

Any fun facts about you that you wish to share with the world?

Well, in my free time I enjoy making it look like I'm a very busy person. :) I've achieved a ranking as professional athlete in a fairly exotic sports - kettlebells. It's been 15 years since then though, but I still like to mention it.

Thanks, Evgeny! Keep surprising us with your great work!

Evgeny's Gallery:

Time of Bells (ink)

Summer on Lake Onega (oil on canvas)

Background in Fishdom H2O: Hidden Odyssey

Kind (engraving on plastics)

The City of Vologda after the Rain (pastel)

Loading Screen in Royal Envoy

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