Business Opportunities
Business Opportunities

Playrix is a game development and self-publishing company. We work closely with numerous casual game portals and always look for new direct relationships with existing large and new emerging distribution channels. With our high-quality games and regular new additions from the professional in-house team, we are glad to supply our partners with top-tier content. Our games with uniquely long tails have been showing spectacular results online staying in top-ten charts and receiving multiple staff and editor picks.

Whether you're a website looking for easy ways to generate revenue or a large ISP, Internet Portal or Software Publisher looking to differentiate your services, we have something to offer you.

Box Retail

All of our existing titles are available at retail in more than 50 countries, but we are always open to new distribution opportunities. If you are interested in taking our games to new audiences, please contact us.


We have adopted a multi-platform strategy being committed to bringing our games to various platforms. We are already expanding our titles onto the iPhone/mobile, Mac, Nintendo Wii/DS and other consoles/handhelds. If you feel like exploring this opportunity with us extending our game brands far beyond online PC distribution, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Online Games

All of our games have top-performing internally developed web versions that have shown great success as stand-alone games on the strictly online games portals as well as helped improve conversion from download to buy up to 14% for the downloadables on the traditional try-before-you-buy portals. We offer a variety of models and flexible terms for their distribution both to support the game’s full version sales and to be used as stand-alone free online games on relevant pages. For more details, please feel free to contact us.

You may also add our great online games to your website for FREE simply by copying the code from this page.

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